The Aria Radiator by Scirocco is a Stylish Alternative

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: & deconiche
Summer might soon be upon those living in the Northern Hemisphere, but for those who want to be extra prepared after the long and cold winter the world suffered through recently, the Aria Radiator is just for them. The Aria Radiator is a sleek and modern heater that will keep a home extra warm and toasty without compromising style and taste.

Designed by Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda for Scirocco, the Aria Radiator is a wall-mounted panel that looks more like a long and futuristic fan at first. Yet it is simply equipped with a new way of experiencing heat. As written on the Italian manufacturers website, "For the first time we have created a decorative radiator is for winter use that for the summer with a significant containment of energy resources."