The Hotdrop Terrace Heater Takes its Form from Outdoors

 - Aug 13, 2011
The appeal of sitting on the patio of a restaurant, a cafe or your own backyard is to be able to experience the sky, the fresh air and the lush nature that surrounds you. The Hotdrop Terrace Heater enhances the comfort of such an environment without detracting from the alfresco spirit.

Cátia Cruz and Bruno Tavares were assigned the task of designing an outdoor propane heater fit to accommodate an 11kg gas tank in its base. Besides this, the Galp Energia Portugal contest guidelines left the possibilities wide open. Water droplets greatly influenced the fluid form of this project, though it is difficult to ignore its resemblance to a plant bulb and a burgeoning seedling. A cylindrical vent expels warm air from beneath a leaflike cap, asserting the organic inspiration behind the conception of the Hotdrop Terrace Heater.