Stay Warm with these Contemporary Room Warmer Designs

 - Nov 27, 2012
Staying warm this winter can be much more haute couture with these beautiful space-saving heaters. While traditional heaters appear clunky and out-of-place, these contemporary designs are as aesthetically pleasing as they are hot. Many of these designs are easily incorporated into modern living spaces as wall adornments or accent pieces and are easily mistakable as works of art as opposed to the warming appliances they are.

This collection features some eco-savvy options that are low energy, but still provide the perfect level of heat and style for any space. The Honeycomb Modular Hearths are perfect for creating a fireplace-like effect that doesn't require major renovations whereas the Bladeless Space Heaters from Dyson are much bolder and don't draw added attention. Whatever you preference, these space-saving heaters will fit easily into any room and make sure you stay toasty warm when the snow begins to fall.