C2 Climate Control Device

 - Jan 9, 2008   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: hermanmiller & newlaunches
The C2 Climate Control Device by Herman Miller according to their website “Uses less than 1.5 amps of AC current, which is approximately 90 percent less energy than a typical space heater.” The device is meant to monitor your "microclimate" so it also cools and filters the air, all for $280.

"Human-centered design. Friendly design encourages user control; just place it 12-18 inches from you and turn it on; easy to use, move, and adjust. Filters the air, too. C2 not only controls your microclimate, it intercepts particles as small as five microns, like pollen, dust, and pet dander; its mechanical air filtration system is 80-90 percent better than a typical home furnace; the filter is GREENGUARD certified and reusable after cleaning. Safe and maintenance free. C2 is not a space heater; there are no exposed heating coils, chemicals, or harmful emissions, so there is nothing to worry about if it tips over; a timer shuts it off automatically after four hours; C2's capacity for heating and cooling is unlimited, with no water or recharging required. C2's power supply is UL approved and plugs into 110v AC. "

Implications - Today's consumer has a very holistic view of health, and looks towards everything from body temperature to diet to improve the state of their overall being.