The Tama-chan is a Portable Fridge That Can Keep Things Cool and Hot

During summer, having an icy beverage or cold watermelon by your side is a mandatory accessory when one struts about the heat-soaked streets of summer, so having a portable fridge just seems like a necessity.

The Japan-based company of Joybond has launched a portable mini-refrigerator/heater called ‘Tama-chan'. The stroll-around temperature container is fashioned to fit almost anything inside of it -- it’s certainly big enough to hold a watermelon. The Tama-chan can be used to keep foods and beverages cool or warm while you watch pedestrians wallow in jealousy in the heat wave as you take a bite out of a cold watermelon.

People will undoubtedly point out that having an icebox or a rice cooker would be just as fine, but the Tama-chan has the functionality of both, so unless you can find another portable refrigerator that doubles as a microwave, the Tama-chan is the logical choice.