The Choc Fridge by Hui-Chun (Tina) Lai is for Serious Cocoa Lovers

 - Jan 7, 2010   Updated: Jun 8 2011
References: tuvie
You know those people who are super obsessive about chocolate? Those are the people that need the Electrolux Choc Fridge. This little gadget, my choco-loving friends, is designed especially to keep your treats at the optimal temperature to guarantee melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction. Hui-Chun (Tina) Lai's concept is truly a design worth drooling over.

Don't guffaw! People have designated beer fridges, so why not a Choc Fridge?

Implications - Society is filled with active groups of citizens who are loyal to hobbies, sports or interests. These specialized niche groups demand certain products that are tailored to their interests, and thus, are willing to purchase them due to their rarity. Industries looking to appeal to niche markets should design products which are specific to the interests of loyal consumers.