OLTU by Fabio Molinas Ensures Longer Lives for Fruit and Veggies

 - Aug 28, 2013
References: fabiomolinas & design-milk
OLTU by Fabio Molinas, an industrial designer based in Madrid, Spain, is a refrigeration concept that addresses the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In opposition to a commonly held belief, placing them in the fridge does not prolong their life. Instead, it is a mixture of heat and humidity that does so. This design boasts ceramic containers on top of the fridge to create the perfect environment for them.

More than that, OLTU by Fabio Molinas utilizes the wasted energy emitted from the fridge by doing so. As written on Design Milk, "The heat rises and reacts with the double walled clay containers and with the help of the water in between those walls, the temperature lowers and creates the perfect environment for your veggies."