Samsung’s New Fridge Comes with Built in SodaStream Dispenser

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: techland.time & mashable
Samsung’s newest refrigerator design has an awesome surprise for soda lovers: a built in SodaStream dispenser.

The design for the soda dispensing uses the same nozzles that the water tap and ice maker on the freezer door uses. The four door fridge has a 60 liter CO2 tank in the door of the icebox to keep the SodaStream dispenser providing bubbly soda water. When the canister runs dry, it’s a simple matter of removing the tank and getting refilled with more CO2. If carbonated water isn’t your thing, the SodaStream dispenser can be used in combination with some purchased or homemade syrup to make your own homemade pop as well.

The design is a collaboration between electronics giant Samsung and Israeli company SodaStream, which has been releasing and designing home soda solutions for a few years now. They’ve gotten so successful with their product that they even had a Super Bowl commercial made up.