You Can Purchase One These Limited Appliances for $2500

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: ambientedirect & incrediblethings
These denim covered refrigerators are perfect for the person who just can't get enough jeans in their life. is selling the FAB28 Refrigerator for $2500, and the pricey refrigerator is literally wearing jeans. These denim covered refrigerators are a special limited edition and there will only be 500 available for purchase.

I am not sure what the inspiration behind this denim covered appliance was but surely there will be a ton of collectors lined up to purchase one of these special limited edition designer collectible denim covered refrigerators. Although it sounds slightly tacky, the refrigerator wearing jeans is actually fairly attractive; it has been custom made and is a very high quality item.

The denim covered refrigerator will make the perfect addition to many settings with a modern look, this could include unique office spaces or even personal home lounges or bars.