Koolie by Tommi Moilanen is a Hybrid Fridge and Shopping Cart

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: behance.net
Stocking up the refrigerator after a trip to the supermarket is not an arduous activity, but wouldn't it be nice to do away with the tedious task? The Koolie by Tommi Moilanen makes filling your chiller as simple as packing a grocery basket because this portable mini fridge is designed to become a shopping trolly.

As an Electrolux Design Lab entry, this project aimed to improve the accessibility and flexibility of everyday technologies. This innovative idea is particularly compelling when considered against the lifestyle of inner city inhabitants who commonly make frequent and quick trips to the grocery store, within a few minutes' walk away.

Koolie by Tommi Moilanen even has a built-in NFC field which keeps a tally of collected items at the shop and automatically charges your credit card appropriately upon exiting. On your return home you can simply plug your hi-tech grocery cart back into the wall.