The Foodstor Refrigerator Merges the Cooler and Leftovers Containers

 - May 9, 2013
References: hayterdesign
The Electrolux Foodstor Refrigerator is a much more compact and efficient solution to the most important of kitchen appliances. Designer Gregory Hayter strove to bring three separate objects together that would save people time and space in one of the most cluttered rooms of the home.

This is a wall-mounted fridge that incorporates a refrigeration compartment, a freezer compartment and an easy-access compartment for quickly retrieving favorite items. Each cubby is separated into smaller rectangular units that function similarly to crisper drawers in conventional food chillers.

The idea is that this culinary contraption would come with special plastic containers that fit snugly into each individual section. When you approach the Electrolux Foodstor Refrigerator, its see-through doors help you locate your leftover meals, which you can then remove and take with you directly to work or school.