This Necessity is No Longer Something to Hide

 - Jun 26, 2014
Originally known as a less glamorous part of the kitchen, the dishwasher has a bad reputation that fortunately, is being put to the test. As consumers scramble to communicate prestige in every facet of their lives, the dishwasher is upgraded to something that is either technologically or aesthetically pleasing -- in some cases, it's both.

Whether it's subtle dishwashers seamlessly incorporated into cupboards, or more ostentatious, purposefully designed washers meant to become the focal point of the kitchen space, there are many varieties to choose from. More technological advancements are observed as well, especially with the waterless dish-washing system.

Next time you look into kitchen renovations, don't neglect your dishwasher as you're sure to have quite a fun time looking at all your cup and plate-cleaning options.