The Mono Dishwasher is Compact and Carbon-Neutral

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: & designbuzz
The days of scrubbing dishes by hand may be over forever thanks to the Mono Dishwasher. Designed by Daniel Simonini, Cristina Perdikaki and Giorgio Bonaguro, the Mono Dishwasher is designed to fit on a kitchen counter and clean dishes using water sourced from the sink.

The Mono Dishwasher has touchable controls on its smooth exterior which is designed to look like a sea sponge. The Mono Dishwasher sources its water from the sink using a special hose. The water is then pressurized by Mono to clean the dishes/cutlery. In addition to cleaning the dishes, the pressurized water is used to charge the device's battery making it carbon-neutral. A device like this would do wonders for families living in homes without a dishwasher. It could also lead to companies downsizing their current dishwashers in an effort to get them to save more energy and use less water.