The SOAK Dishwasher Runs Off of Tap Water

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: & designbuzz
Everyone who does dishes by hand (myself included) is going to love the SOAK dishwasher. The SOAK dishwasher is a compact dishwasher designed for those who still do their dishes the old fashioned way. SOAK was designed by Dante Bonfante and is designed to fit in your sink.

The SOAK dishwasher runs off of the hot water that comes out of your sink's tap. The steam from the water is used to soak the dishes and the water is channeled through to remove the grit and grime. SOAK is not designed to handle massive loads of dishes, but rather to take some of the strain out of hand washing pots and pans. Despite living in hi-tech times, many people still have out-of-date appliances. Compact and cheap alternatives to major appliances like dishwashers currently don't exist. The SOAK dishwasher would be a great midpoint between doing dishes by hand and investing in a new dishwasher.