The E-Cook System is a Compact and Entirely Equipped Culinary Setup

Would you believe that this small cylindrical set called the E-Cook System could replace two major appliances in your kitchen? Believe it. Unfortunately it is little more than a concept at the moment, and one that would not be anticipated to come to production phase until 2050. In observing it, however, I'm tempted to think that its reality might not be far off.

There are four principal components to Aldric Trouabal's invention that include a bell lid and three trays. Each of the plates operates with a water tank and a solar cell in the base, necessary for the optimal and eco performance of its specific function. One works as a beverage server and chiller, one as an induction-coil hotplate element and the last as a dishwasher. The entire Electrolux E-Cook System can be stacked up compactly when it's not in use.