Kim Joonmin Designs a Combination Dishwasher-Chandelier for Electrolux

 - May 18, 2011
References: yankodesign
Designer Kim Joonmin has designed a multifunctional dishwasher for appliance maker Electrolux that acts as both a hanging light fixture and a dishwasher. The creative concept hangs from the ceiling and features touch controls.

The dishwasher light would make setting the table and drying dishes easy as all of your tableware would be conveniently located above your dining room table and can be air-dried at any time. I am not one to get too excited over appliance concepts, but I actually think that there is something to Joonmin's design. The concept itself doesn't seem too hard to produce with today's technology and it would make doing the dishes and setting the table easier, which means dinner can be served faster. Conventional dishwashers and chandeliers, your days are numbered.