The Tweephone by UP Digital Bureau and Unteleported Tech Agency

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: engadget &
The Tweephone rotary phone, created by UP Digital Bureau and Unteleported Tech Agency, is the first rotary phone that allows users to dial and tweet. The device works by first dialing one's desired message, hanging up and then seeing that message posted online. Despite the popularity of cellphones, rotary phones are making a comeback, in this case infusing retro technology with today's social media obsession.

The simple and familiar technology of the rotary phone allows its users to connect to Twitter even if they are not tech savvy. The Tweephone rotary phone can serve as a fun novelty gift item and also as a learning tool used to introduce social media to people of all ages. This product reveals only the beginning of society's obsession with social media, showing that there is only more to come.

Image Credit: Engadget