Talk to a Plant Sees if Tweets Help a Plant Growth

 - Oct 20, 2013
References: talktoaplant & fastcoexist
A social media experiment at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science called 'Talk to a Plant' is testing to see if tweets encourage plant growth. The project is intended to promote the museum's newest exhibit and collaboration with Mythbusters. Marketing and design firm Carmichael Lynch created tweet to speech technology specifically for this experiment where a device reads the tweets out loud to the plant. Meanwhile another plant sits by itself in an empty room to compare growth measurements.

People tweeting to the plant have a variety of things to say, most of it completely random. Talk to a Plant has its own website, which notifies the internet of each plant's progress. Thus far, the social media plant is a full inch taller than the lonely plant. One can send their own tweets by using #talktoaplant.