Cemeteries of the Century

 - Nov 4, 2008   Updated: Jun 23 2011
References: wallpaper & wallpaper
Halloween may have come and gone, but Wallpaper recently featured “Cemeteries of the Century." These ultimate resting places take the idea of “a thing of beauty that lasts forever” to a new height. The illuminated columns at an installation in Berlin are reminiscent of Karnak and the white carrera marble and limestone structure at San Remo are architecturally beautiful.

David Chipperfield is currently redesigning The Cemetery Island in Venice, Italy.

Implications - Society has always had a difficult time dealing with the concept of death. By associating graveyards with impressive architectural designs, consumers are better able to cope with death as it takes something unnerving and mixes it with something the public is much more comfortable with. Corporations looking to address uncomfortable ideas with their customers can similarly alleviate tension by associating the ideas with much more comfortable topics.