From Sith Lord Hair Stylers to Crowdsourced Clotheslines

 - Jan 14, 2012
In a world where every electronic functions at lightning speed, it only makes sense that the amount of drying innovations continue to evolve so that anything wet is set in two second flat.

It's not just the speedy abilities of the newest dryers that catch consumer attention, but the aesthetic designs as well. There are clotheslines fashioned to look like bird-perched power lines, blow dryers that resemble Darth Vader, and even Optimus Prime-designed units that can blast your laundry with hot air. There is now even specially designed boxes to dry out your soaked cell-phones to save them from an untimely death.

The dynamic dryer innovations keep getting sleeker, slimmer and more discrete, but the more upgrades they get may cause your wallet to run dry too!