Battery-Powered Sweat Eliminator

 - Nov 16, 2007
References: blog.scifi
Having wet feet has to be one of the most physically uncomfortable feelings, right after having your nostrils invaded by the stench of rotting shoes. To ensure you won't have to endure either much longer, a new invention has hit the market -- and get this -- it's environmentally-friendly, too!

The Eco Shoes Dryer by L.I.D. (Life In Detail) are battery-operated shoe trees to dry up rain- or sweat-soaked footwear. The battery powered a silica gel to dry the material.

"When all the moisture has been absorbed from your shoes a tiny indicator window turns from pink to blue," SciFi blog explained. "When not in use, you can recharge the dryers by plugging them directly into any normal electrical wall socket."

It makes sense, but even though the apparatus only costs $26.85, I think I'll stick with ol' hang the shoe near the furnace trick.