Why Not Turn Your Bun into a Bunny?

This Easter why not dress your hair up with an awesome Easter Bunny Hairdo. It's super simple and will guarantee that you're the most stylish person at the egg hunt.

Simple wrap your pony tail up into a bun. Grab some felt, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a pom pom from a craft store and your set. Stick the pipe cleaners into the sides of your bun for whiskers. Make felt long ears and place them at the top of your bun. Add the googly eyes and pom pom for the eyes and nose. Check out the blog for more instructions. I recommend sticking with pastel colors for your color scheme, but if your feeling adventurous, you can try some wacky vibrant colors like bright green.

Hop along this Easter with this bunny hairdo. Watch out, kids may think you're the Easter Bunny!