From Mod Beauty Shoots to Pop Culture Makeup Transformations

 - Jan 3, 2015
These 2014 cosmetics trends range from MOD beauty shoots to pop culture makeup transformations that are incredibly artful. In addition to video makeup tutorials, these trends include cosmetic products and services that put a great deal of focus on customization.

In-store and online scent subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular as consumers search for products that are more personalized and distinctive. Aiming to stand apart from the main stream, millennials are more likely to respond to these customized cosmetic products and services.

In addition to scents, other customized cosmetics on the market include culturally-themed razors that are designed for African American skin.

Moreover, these 2014 cosmetics trends also include DIY products that are both natural and cost-effective. Products like dry shampoo, faux nails and lashes are all spawning DIY copycats that will appeal to the eco enthusiast.

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