Florentin Dilyana Captures Victoria Yun for 12 Mag January 2014

 - Jan 16, 2014
References: 12mag.net & fashioncow
This 12 Mag January 2014 makeup spread shows off intensely sparkly look ideas. Photographer Florentin Dilyana gets up close with model Victoria Yun. Yun’s contorting face is doubled in the pictures so that you see her twice in each one.

Something tells me that to good people behind this 12 Mag January 2014 beauty editorial,never meant for you to take the looks too literally. That being said, the makeup is interesting and the model’s many faces are totally fierce. A dark and sparkling foundation is the backdrop to heavy sparkle eyeliner in multiple colors. Mix that in with lipsticks in glossy brown, orange, pink and red and you have yourself and unbelievable beauty editorial.