The Sleepy Eyes in These Volkswagen Driver Alert System Ads Can't Close

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: volkswagen & adeevee
These vibrant and highly visual ads for Volkswagen's Driver Alert System show how effective it is at keeping drivers awake. The giant eyeballs in each of the three print ads are set up with a top and a bottom row of eyelashes that don't go together, and if these tired eyes got close to drifting shut, they'd be snapped wide awake.

The eyes are shown as being unable to close, as pig will be poked with a pitchfork in the behind, a thumb will be smashed with a hammer and a rockstar will begin wailing into a microphone. Although helpful for road safety, a Driver Alert System isn't one of the most fun things to advertise, but these prints by DDB Tribal manage to make its message about the system quite entertaining.