This Cute Kitty Manicure is Totally Salon-Free

This one-of-a-kind DIY cat nails tutorial comes from the Brooklyn-based nail artist behind nail art Tumblr uneedamanicure.

These DIY cat nails were inspired by the idea that most DIY manicures seem to be geared towards girls with long nails. The artist and editor behind the tutorial agreed that short nails deserve some DIY love, too, and came up with these adorable DIY cat nails! The pattern focuses on the bottoms of the nails, which gives the impression of added length and makes the manicure totally doable for nails of any shape or size. The simple colors and whimsical design make it subtle and playful at the same time.

With more and more girls turning away from the salon and to the Internet for nail art inspiration, there's a huge market for great tutorials like these DIY cat nails, as well as products and lines geared toward the amateur nail artist.