The Singtrix Lets You Turn Any Song into a Karaoke Masterpiece

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: singtrix & uncrate
A karaoke kit can be a must have or a must avoid depending on culture and your circle of friends. Karaoke is one of the biggest pastimes in Asia and even to a lesser extent popular in America. Who doesn’t love their friends belting out Pat Benatar? The Singtrix is a karaoke kit that goes above and beyond the typical kit though, and allows users much more control.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a great singer but the act of singing with friends can still be fun with karaoke. Often when people go to karaoke bars they’re given a list of songs to choose from and they go from there. With the Singtrix karaoke kit, not only do you get to perform karaoke in your own home but you also get to make a karaoke song out of any song. So if you want to rock out Katy Perry’s ‘Roar,’ you can.

The kit comes with a custom microphone that provides a four part vocal harmony and a 2.1 stereo speaker for a booming, but clear sound. There are also 350 vocal effects so you can sound however you want.