- Jul 23, 2015
For many women, being adorned with pieces of precious jewelry is an essential before leaving the house in the morning—but these gold beauty treatments take the obsession with this shiny metal to its limit. Some of the most extravagant ways to include gold in a beauty routine include 24-karat gold facial masks, nail polish products and gold leaf eyelash accessories.

An example of gold beauty taken to the utmost extreme can be seen in the Rick Owens Fall/ Winter 2015 runway show, where the faces of models were covered from foreheads to chins in delicate gold leaf.

Considering the biggest selling feature of these opulent treatments, it's to be expected that they come with hefty price tags and won't be worked in as part of the average person's daily beauty regimen.

From $130,000 Nail Polish to Gilded Facials: