The Beauty Department Turquoise Manicure is Gorgeous

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: thebeautydepartment
Closely resembling they're 'Robin's Egg' tutorial, this Beauty Department Turquoise Manicure attempts to resemble the rock that inspired it.

Using some very creative means, writer Kristen Ess walks readers through some unexpected steps to getting this geological look. Using saran wrap as a means to gaining more texture, this is an extremely creative look. When turquoise is usually applied to a nail look, it typically only takes the form of whatever color the look may be. Going to extra step to make this manicure appear literally like the stone is another one of the reasons for which The Beauty Department dominates the DIY scene.

This textured and eye-catching nail look is sure to turn heads. Truly inspired, and with an unexpected twist, this DIY is sure to have more than a few trying out the rock-solid look.