The Pokeball Schematic T-Shirt Features Plans for Critter Capture Device

 - Aug 25, 2011
References: bustedtees & fashionablygeek
This Pokeball schematic t-shirt doubles as a sleeping pill because I no longer have to stay up late at night wondering how Pokeballs work. Okay, so maybe the functionality of Pokeballs isn't a source of insomnia for me, but it's still quite interesting to see that someone has taken it upon themselves to figure out the intricate mechanisms required to create a pocket monster-capturing device.

The Pokeball schematic t-shirt comes courtesy of BustedTees and is sure to appeal to those who are a little too old to be carrying around a Pokemon cartridge, but still can't let their favorite childhood video game go.

Implications - Consumers often buy apparel that allows them to demonstrate their interests in extroverted ways. Corporations outside the fashion industry may find it advantageous to use pop culture references in their wares as a method of enticing consumers into buying their products.