Favorite Arthropods 1 by Nathan Shields is Deliciously Lifelike

 - May 21, 2013
References: saipancakes.blogspot & neatorama
Pancake artist Nathan Shields, who is also more commonly known as an illustrator and math teacher living in Washington, DC, has taken to Facebook to create his latest edible series: Favorite Arthropods 1. Like his previous Star Trek and Pokemon series, Favorite Arthropods 1 is full of incredibly detail. This is especially impressive considering that they are made out of batter.

The Favorite Arthropods 1 series is comprised of six artworks: scorpion, millipede, lobster, tongue-eating louse, vinagaroon and preying mantis. Set on bright blue plates, the intricacy of each shape and shading is made even more prominent. Who knows what Shields' will come up with next when it comes to his pancake art.