Coran Stone's Recreated Cartoon Illustrations are Evil

Coran 'Kizer' Stone continues to pump out some amazing illustrations of popular cartoons. From Mario shouldering a high-tech bazooka to a badass version of 'Ash Ketchum' holding a bat while sitting on top of a giant-sized Pikachu, these re-imagined characters are exceptionally creative.

When dealing with iconic characters that many people hold to a traditional standard, it can be tricky to adapt them to everyone's liking. Stone's work is certain to please many as the new spin on the popular cartoons he's created makes them entirely more treacherous. Evil grins combined with world-crushing power is always better right? To be quite honest, I think I would definitely watch a new Pokemon series that depicts the dynamic duo in the same light Stone has created. Mario stomping faces and Popeye the world crusher? Sign me up!