Jemma Salume Illustrates First Generation Pokemon Characters

 - Dec 8, 2011
References: eatfun.deviantart & oxboxer.tumblr
The magic of the first Pokemon game will most likely never be recaptured in future iterations, so fans may as well gaze upon these illustrations by Jemma Salume and overdose on nostalgia.

There are a lot of fan depictions of characters from the beloved Pokemon franchise, but Jemma Salume painstakingly recreates images of the portable pocket critters as well as their trainers as gamers first experienced them. That means viewers get Misty as she was when they first encountered her, not the cartoon version that has become the widely accepted incarnation of people's favorite redhead gym leader. Salume even took the time to emulate the color scheme of the old Gameboy screens. That's dedication and attention to detail folks!