TwistedStudioDesigns Makes an Odd Additon to Your Pokémon Collection

 - Jan 19, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
If you have your own Pokémon collection, but want to add something totally weird and freaky to it, Etsy artist TwistedStudioDesigns bottled the perfect thing for you. Freak out your friends and even disturb yourself! Why go out and catch a Pokémon when you could just buy a baby one and grow it yourself? These little monster embryos are certainly something else.

This absurd little oddity is a must for your Pokémon collection. Inside a small glass bottle is a tiny pocket monster embryo. It looks a lot like what an unborn Pokémon would actually look like -- if they were real. It is floating in fluids that are kept in with a wooden cork. If you order one, you can pick which monster you want. Displayed on the seller's site is Charmander and Pichu, which are both made of polymer clay.