A New Blog Hilariously Pastes Nicolas Cage Faces onto All 151 Pokemon

If you're bored at work, you could do what the creator of the Pokemon X Nic Cage Tumblr blog did and start putting Nicolas Cage faces on things.

It's true, the Pokemon X Nic Cage blog was started because its creator was "bored at work." The creator (who wisely doesn't name himself considering these creations happen at work) pastes hilarious Nicolas Cage faces onto every single one of the original 151 Pokemon. This is a true example of that 'gotta catch 'em all' spirit that the Pokemon franchise is known for.

My humble suggestion when the Tumblr runs out of Pokemon to put Nicolas Cage faces onto: maybe he can start super imposing Pokemon on real pictures of Nic Cage. It couldn't be any more embarrassing to Cage's career than any of the movies he's made in the last decade or so.