From Celebrity-Themed Sleeping Masks to Superimposed Star Selfies

 - Jan 22, 2014
The many faces of Nicolas Cage can be seen in his extremely extensive film career, but also in this collection of celebrity starring products and innovations. The prolific actor is known for his emotive and exaggerated portrayals, garnering him increasing popularity online. Whether Nicolas Cage's facial expressions are being plastered on cosmetics or inserted into well known artwork, the star is all over the internet.

The faces of Nicolas Cage can be found on products including basic t-shirts, greeting cards, comfy couches, sleeping masks and makeup marketing. His likeliness has also been incorporated into Pokemon illustrations, Disney Princess drawings and Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball mashups. This is not to mention a website that automatically photoshops Cage's face onto 'selfie' tagged uploads on the popular picture sharing site, Instagram.