The Magikarp Gadget Pouch Hilariously Protects Your Nintendo DS

 - May 2, 2013
References: etsy & technabob
There is no better way to hold a Nintendo DS than with the Magikarp gadget pouch. For those who haven't played Pokemon or watched the show, Magikarp is a fish famous for its inability to do just about everything. Magikarp's haplessness and the fact that it evolved into what amounted to a water dragon led to it becoming one of the most popular Pokemon.

This popularity has since led to the creation of many Magikarp tribute items, such as the Magikarp gadget pouch. The gadget pouch is a Jack of all trades, capable of holding PSP and smartphones in addition to the Nintendo DS. The pouch is made by Etsy merchant Flea Circus Designs and sells for $25.00.