Michael B. Myers Shows the Pokemon Evolution in These Clever Shirts

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: drawsgood & laughingsquid
These awesome anime shirt designs prove that there’s always a little more room for Pokemon evolution.

The Pokemon property has been consistently popular for 15 years now, which is perfectly mirrored in these Russian nesting doll t-shirt designs from Michael B. Myers. I assume the B. initial is to avoid any confusion with the terrifying villain from the Halloween films, or maybe the actor who played Wayne Campbell? But I digress.

The designs show four different kinds of Pokemon starting from their basic form, moving up towards their evolved forms that they grow into during the course of the games and films. The largest case is of course, a Pokeball to house the evolutionary awesomeness. The Pokemon evolution nesting doll shirts are available for purchase from RedBubble.com.