‘Pokemayans’ by Monarobot Puts an Ancient Spin on Poke

 - Aug 12, 2013
References: monarobot.tumblr & technabob
Pokemayans by Monarobot is an ingenious series of drawings that puts a new spin on the lovable Pocket Monsters. Artist Monarobot has taken a unique approach to drawing Pokemon, imagining what they would be like had the Mayans made first contact with them instead of manga artists. The resulting drawings have an edgier and meaner look. Yes, it’s possible to make even the cutest of Pokemon, such as Miltank, look sinister.

The Pokemayans series features both standalone Pokemon and evolutionary trees. The evolutionary trees are the most interesting simply because you get to see a semi-cute Pokemayan become a fearsome creature. Monarobot is currently taking commissions for new drawings, and her Gyarados design is actually on Threadless seeking votes. (The Gyarados almost looks as if it was copied off the wall of a Mayan tomb).