- Oct 28, 2014
These groundbreaking fashion blogs range from elderly fashionista sites to Moroccan menswear blogs that paint a more Westernized picture of the North African nation.

A standout from this list is Leandra Medine's 'Man Repeller', a now-iconic site that challenges women to dress for women instead of dressing for the opposite sex. Since the start of her blog, Leandra has written a best-selling book and has become a street style icon.

Another great example from this list of groundbreaking fashion blogs includes Advanced Style. Blogger Ari Seth Cohen began his project by photographic New York's fashionable elderly and became a viral sensation with his focus on timeless and ageless style. Ari has since penned a book titled 'Advanced Style' and is behind the documentary of the same name.

From Elderly Fashionista Sites to Moroccan Menswear Blogs: