The 'Halloween or Williamsburg' Tumblr Questions Costumes and Clothing

The 'Halloween or Williamsburg' Tumblr is a hilarious take on this classic situation: It's around the end of October and you spot someone walking the street dressed in quirky clothing that's not quite a costume, but couldn't possibly be an everyday outfit...or could it?

The funny fashion blog candidly captures the uninhibited youth of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in everything from animal jumpsuits to over-sized geeky glasses, and you can't help but wonder what's a faux disguise and what's an everyday outfit.

You may never get a clear answer as to whether or not it's costume or clothes for the pictures in the 'Halloween or Williamsburg' Tumblr, but in this uber-cool Brooklyn alcove there is no need for a holiday to don an out-there outfit.