This Pokemon Ranking Lets Trainers Know Which Teachers to Avoid

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: dorkly & kotaku
Any aspiring Pokemon Master will tell you that the relationship between Pokemon Professor and Pokemon Trainer is a sacred bond, one that will stick with you until your final battle with the Elite Four.

That being said, not every Pokemon Professor is created equal; some frankly, are better than others. That’s where ‘Rate My Pokemon Professor’ comes in handy. ‘Rate My Pokemon Professor’ ranks the overall quality of six Pokemon Professors according to four criteria: starter Pokemon choices, Pokedex review, whether or not they allow indoor biking, and of course hotness. ‘Rate My Pokemon Professor’ also allows trainers to leave comments and allows Pokemon Professors to leave comments of their own.

Whether your an old trainer only familiar with the Johto region or a new trainer about to embark on their first adventure, it’s always important to do your research.