Remote Controlled LEGO R2-D2 Moves and Rolls Like the Character

 - Aug 3, 2011
References: flickr & gadgetsin
While there have been a ton of DIY R2-D2 projects floating around, I have yet to see one similar to the Remote Controlled LEGO R2-D2 by Ickelpete.

The Remote Controlled LEGO R2-D2 is made entirely out of LEGO and it's actually to-scale of the character. If that's not enough, this droid does actually move and twist its head just like it does in the Star Wars movies; even the third leg is retractable! Design-wise, Ickelpete has hit it spot-on because everything from the colors to the design of the body are an accurate reflection of everyone's favorite droid from the film. Star Wars fans won't be disappointed the moment they lay eyes on this.

The Remote Controlled LEGO R2-D2 was built for the LEGO Space event at the National Space Centre UK.