These Kevin Tong Band Posters Add a Visual Touch to Melodies

 - Jul 1, 2011
References: tragicsunshine & facebook
Anything with The Black Keys is awesome in my books and considering how much the band adores these Kevin Tong band posters, you can bet I’m now a surefire fan.

Kevin Tong is a Los Angeles freelance artist and The Black Keys aren’t the only band on his impressive client list. Check out his posters for the bands Cake, Wilco, Flight of the Conchords, and even Sex-Bob-Omb (I am well aware that they’re fictional).
If you’re curious as to how some of these Kevin Tong band posters are made, check out this video that documents Tong’s impressive poster-making process in the featured video.

Consumers enjoy band poster artwork because they feel it’s a marriage between art forms with integrity. Corporations looking to convey themselves upstandingly should openly support artistic endeavors such as music and fine arts.