- Jul 3, 2013
We often see fairytale-inspired revamps in contemporary pop culture, but none as visually iconic as Pinocchio's long nose. Many artists love the fact that the wooden puppet's growing nose is something so easily distinguishable. There's no need for detailed hats, eyes or clothing -- as long as there's a long rod protruding as the nose, the audience will quickly identify the artist's objective.

Many stationery objects mimic Pinocchio's outline. Cleverly and not surprisingly, pencil sharpeners have been created to mimic the character's appearance, using wooden pencils as Pinocchio's nose.

Aside from cute children's products, Pinocchio is also featured with mature twists. A lot of them are morbid. Many digital prints have revived the childhood favorite, giving it a dark twist. The wooden puppet was also a model for a woodwork company called Mr.Min. In this ad, Pinocchio's no longer a boy puppet -- he's a full grown wooden man sculpture.

From Hunky Pinocchio Ads to 50ft Fairytale-Inspired Sculptures: