The LG 3D TV Ads Appeal to Children and the Young-at-Heart

 - Jun 30, 2011
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As much as people love watching 3D movies in theaters, many have yet to warm up to the concept of bringing it into our homes -- the LG 3D TV ad campaign plans to change all of that. These cute and simple print ads appeal not only to our desire for the latest technology, but they also appeal to our nostalgic sides by bringing iconic cartoons as Pinocchio and Superman into their imagery.

Considering that most 3D movies tend to geared towards children, it should come as no surprise that the LG 3D TV ad campaign targets kids and the young-at-heart. Children themselves might not understand the print ads fully, but it will get them curious enough to ask questions, and then possibly beg for their own LG 3D TV.

The LG 3D TV ad campaign was conceived by South Korean-based ad agency HS AD.