- Sep 25, 2014
If you don't own a fancy luxury TV, I'm afraid to inform you that you are not a baller.

As with any technology, the definition of 'luxury TV' has evolved over time. Flat-screen ultra HD smart TVs are no longer attached the 'luxury tag', which is now only granted to TVs offering super-sized screens, ultra-light weight, 3D displays, high-fi audio or some combination of those.

It appears that TV manufacturers are obsessed with trying to outdo one another when coming up with their latest luxury TVs. However, this can only be good for consumers because as more and more over-the-top luxury TVs infiltrate the market, their price is bound to drop, making them accessible to non-baller customers.

With the advent of 3D displays, augmented reality and Internet of Things technology, it will be fascinating to see what luxury TVs will look like even in just a couple of years from now.

From Gargantuan Curved TVs to Supersized Luxury TVs: