The New Samsung OLED TV Allows Viewers to Watch Two Shows Simultaneously

 - Jul 25, 2013
References: reviews.cnet & luxurylaunches
The new Samsung OLED TV might succeed in changing the face of television viewing forever. Resting at a majestic 55 inches, this curved television is mounted right into the wall, giving viewers an incredible TV-watching experience.

Differentiating this television from others on the market is its "pure black" hue. Using pure black, a technology only recently perfected, gives the best picture quality. Therefore, this new OLED TV offers viewers a better picture quality than any other on the market. Its curved shape also offers a perfect viewing experience from any angle, without that annoying glare that occurs if you're sitting off to the side of the television. Another incredible feature is the television's ability to allow viewers to watch two programs simultaneously, using a pair of viewing glasses.

With this television set, the viewing experience has been pretty much perfected. It won't be long before this style of television takes over every living room between San Francisco and NYC.