Seamless LG SL80 & SL90 LCDs Are the Minimalist Future of A/V Tech

 - Aug 2, 2009   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: electronista & gizmodo
I hadn't realized how utterly outdated TVs with borders are until I saw the seamless lineup of LG SL80 and SL90 LCDs this morning. These bad boys promise to make the LCD panel, speakers and bezel look like a single piece.

The LG SL80 and SL90 LCDs will pack a bevy of features into their svelte frame, including LED backlighting and an incredible contrast ratio (for the SL90, it's 3,000,000:1, a best for LG).

Implications - Seamless LG SL80 and SL90 LCDs will definitely appeal to people with a distinct minimalist aesthetic bend. The TVs are incredibly thin and have a certain futuristic sensibility, with "1.15-inches in the thickness department, the SL90 also has a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and an ambient light sensor for dynamic brightness adjustment. The SL80 nixes the LED-backlighting, cuts contrast ratio to 150,000:1 and fattens up to 1.8-inches of thicknessâ€"all in an effort to cut costs"