The Dimenco 3D TV's Display Can Be Viewed from Multiple Angles

 - May 5, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
A Dutch company called Dimenco is developing a glass-free 3D TV that addresses the single biggest problem posed by other glass-free 3D TVs -- restricted viewing angles. Glass-free 3D TVs tend to have a 'sweet spot' which guarantees a perfectly clear viewing angle, but if the viewer shifts their position, the image gets blurry.

The 4K-resolution Dimenco employs a unique optical overlay technology that enables the display to offer clear 3D views over a 150-degree viewing angle. This allows multiple viewers to enjoy a perfect view and also allows viewers to change positions when they're watching TV on the 39-inch display.

The Dimenco uses a special lenticular lens that contains several micro-lenses which work to emit light in different directions. This causes different images to be projected on each of the viewer's eyes, resulting in a 3D effect. The lens is connected to an LCD panel and integrated with an additional 3D image processor to complete the display.